Adventure Under the Sun

Day 9 of Sorrow ( High Sun)

Get back to Altaruk

Day 5 of Sorrow (High Sun)

The party now known as the “Motley Crue” met up with Hast and together they went to the barracks of Altaruk and were introduced to Arisphistaneles who told them that there were small caravans going missing between Altaruk and Grak’s Pool.
Mr A offered the party 50gp each for information on who is behind the disappearances, and 500gp each for ending the reign of terror.

The party set off with their unpainted wagon full of 50gp worth of Pottery and two kank‘s towards Grak’s Pool.
Rikus spotted 4 kite like images off to the mountain range in the east.
The party rested on the road, with no ill effects.

Day 6 of Sorrow (High Sun)

The party continued their journey and around midday they noticed a sand storm that was taking up the entire path, upon closer inspection the party noticed that it was not moving which you all found strange, you then decided to try and go around it by going into the canyons to the west of the road.
As you were winding your way through the canyons you saw a spear thrown at the wagon, and then you entered a battle with Raiders that appeared out of their mind and being controlled by an ID fiend.

After cowing the ID fiend to your will, and defeating its controlled minions, it explained that it was attacking any small groups that ventured off the main track that were avoiding the sand storm that it’s master Murter Dyan created. The ID fiend said that his master has arcane and psionic powers.

After putting the “overgrown gecko” out of it’s misery Nilus recovered his grip on his mind, you have a keen eye on him.

Altaruk goings on

While in town you have heard rumours that The True are looking for an artifact from the Green Age that will brink Kalak back to life. It is rumoured to be in the ruins of Celik

Arisphistaneles has posted a reward for information about a raiding group that are attacking the trade route between Altaruk and Grak’s Pool

Defending your honour

The party was kept overnight in the barracks with a strange dwarf by the name of Birk Suntouched, in the morning Tellemon advised you that you would be fighting for your freedom, if you impressed the crowd.
Upon entering the arena you found that you were battling Gith and Ambush Spiders.
While the party dealt with the threat quite easily, Birk Suntouched skirted the outside of the battle and was very excited to get out of the arena, he kept mumbling about ‘Kalak’s Prophecy’

The story so far
Campaign Blog

The party met with Kaldras of House Ianto in Tyr and he hires them to accompany him and his caravan of pottery to Altaruk. On day 3 of the journey the group spotted what looked like kites floating off in the distance, the kites followed the party through day 4 and 5.
On day 5 after Kaldras diverted the caravan to avoid the kites, the party was attacked by bandits, the party easily defeated them and continued on to Altaruk.

Once the party got to Altaruk Kaldras paid their admission price and led them to the elven market where he made a motion to some waiting elves that then attacked the party, the party easily defeated the elves, but the battle was stopped by the city guard led by Guard Captain Tellemon, who asked “What was going on?” Kaldras said that the party are his slaves and that you were rebelling, and you gave your side of the story.
Unfortunately the party was unable to convince Tellemon that they were telling the truth, so he decided to allow both you and Kaldras fight for your freedom in the arena.


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