Awesomemo is his second name


Hast is a classic Goliath. Towering at over 7 feet tall, he has a strong but athletic build. Bald and with skin covered in mottled blue pigment markings, he is a imposing brute of a figure. In spite of this, Hast moves with a sure grace, confident of his combat abilities and physical endurance.

He wears scaled armour made of a dark bone material, and carries a large shield of a similar make. He favours a battleaxe as his weapon of choice and seems exceptionally skilled in its use. Hast makes a habit of stretching and weapons training in the early morning, and is seen to use techniques that combine his massive bulk, strength and athleticism, his shield and skilful axe work.

Beyond his armour and weapon, a couple of daggers and a standard adventuring kit are the extent of his equipment.


When required to say something, Hast speaks thoughtfully but with conviction. Not overly conversational, Hast takes in what is said around him and notes those that say it. He doesn’t speak openly of his past, although has stated that he has been a Legionary of Balic – presumably this is the background for his martial prowess and physical fitness.

Hast doesn’t talk himself up, but rather lets his actions speak for him. In a fight, although working with the group, he will happily split from the main party and seek out challenges for himself. He carries himself with discipline in his actions, but occasionally makes a rash move if it shows off his athleticism or combat abilities. If questioned, this rashness is put down to ‘seizing an opportunity’.

27/2/12 – as it stands.
Hast is happy to take orders from Tempero concerning his guard duties. He doesn’t particularly have a lot of time for Gregg. He is starting to become more interested in journeying with the party, not for the quest in itself, but in the experiences he is having. If not off doing his own thing (ie guarding, working on his equipment or practicing with his axe), Hast spends a little bit of time talking to Gaarden about fighting techniques or past battles. Hast isn’t overly sure about Kavaki – he spars with him and talks, but isn’t fully across how to take his status.


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