Kavaki Character Sheet


Extremely tall, even for a half-giant, Kavaki walks with a pronounced limp in his right leg, using his long-spear as a quasi walking stick. A weepy left eye is the beginning of a head scar that ends with a distinctive white slash in his otherwise blond/brown hair tied back in a pony table. Lean and wirery, his brown leathery skin is stretched tightly over his large frame. Piercing yellow eyes, that betray a sharp intellect and cunning, stare unblinkingly at the observer. Kavaki wears a mis-matched set of functional and well maintained bonelink armour, and has an enormous crossbow slung across his back.


  • Finds it difficult to run for more than 30 seconds or so due to hip injury
  • Consciously does not dab at weeping eye, letting the vitreous fluid run down his cheek.
  • Kavaki body language and speech is like that of a common mercenary guard, using course and
    crude language when ’amongst the boys’. However, particularly when dealing with merchants and others of higher station, he is much more respectful and formal – not giving much away, but with a glint in his eye that betrays an intelligent and shrewd mind.
  • Spends time every morning training with weapons, and time each night tending to his equipment and sharpening/maintaining his weapons.
  • Does not volunteer his opinion, unless it is on martial matters or fighting techniques and strategies.
  • Hates elves – will not speak or deal with them, and will seek to bring any elves down in combat before other foes.

Kavaki was raised in a half-giant tribe in the Stormclaw mountain range. After coming of age, he left his tribe to travel the world, endeavouring to bring fame and wealth to both himself and his ancestors. Reaching Nibenay, he quickly found employment with House Ianto as a caravan guard. Here, his martial prowess, his natural ability to take control on the battlefield and the ever-present loss of caravan guards meant that Kavaki quickly rose through the ranks, and was appointed guard captain of a House Ianto caravan operating throughout the Ivory Triangle. This role allowed Kavaki to develop and refine his battlefield leader role in the numerous skirmishes that occur in the company of a trading caravan, as well as beginning to accumulate the beginnings of his fortune via the (very) small percentage of profits of the caravan that he received as a bonus.

On one trip to Grak’s Pool, Kavaki noticed Huranty, the caravan master, embezzling some of the profits from the trip, setting them aside with his own personal belongings. Confronting him in private afterwards, Huranty laughed at him, saying that it was an ‘expected’ loss that the House allowed for, and that Kavaki would have his own scams lining his pockets going on. Kavaki, offended and angry that this elf would cheat him, told Huranty that he would be reporting this to his superiors when the caravan completed its journey, and stormed off.

The caravan left Grak’s Pool on its return trip. Two days out of town, raiders struck the caravan. Kavaki fought ferociously, bringing down 4 of the raiders by himself, but the rest of the caravan was not fairing as well. Exhorting the guards to continue, Kavaki waded back into the fray. After time, with the other caravan’s guards down, and Kavaki bleeding from many minor wounds, the raiders attack was beaten off.

Taking advantage of Kavaki in his weary and wounded state, Huranty made his move. He struck Kavaki a ringing blow to his head, opening up his scalp from his left eye across the top of his head and knocking him to the ground. Shocked, Kavaki rolled onto his back, and tried to defend himself. However, Huranty kicked his weapon away and, impaled him with his spear through his hip into his torso, pinning him to the ground. As he faded from consciousness, Kavaki heard Huranty’s taunts ringing in his ears.

Time passed.

Kavaki awoke, cold and sore, still pinned to the ground by Huranty’s spear. Straining, he managed to pull the spear free from his side – passing out from the pain. Awaking later, he pushed himself up from the pools of his congealed blood and surveyed the scene. The corpses of both wasteland raiders and his own caravan guards lay in a couple of disjointed piles – dumped there after they had been thoroughly looted. Kavaki set off for Grak’s Pool, using the spear that was used to impale him as a walking aid.

It took Kavaki four days to trek to Grak’s Pool, overcoming searing temperatures during the day and freezing temperatures at night, a lack of food and water, and avoiding hostile wildlife, all the while in constant pain from his hip and head injuries. On reaching civilisation, Kavaki passed out. Awaking on a sleeping pallet in the inn, he had to barter his masterwork chainmail to pay for his treatment, recuperation and lodgings. However, in the time Kavaki had spent in the wilds prior to reaching Grak’s Pool, his wounds had already begun to heal, with bones, tendons, ligaments and even the skin beginning to knit out of position. Despite the efforts of the healer, Kavaki was left with both a crippled hip and a massive head scar.

Kavaki has sworn a personal oath to bring about the downfall of Trading House Ianto. He is looking to make small strikes here and there, weakening the trading house over time rather that act rashly and ending up a martyr. Physically crippled and emotionally scarred, Kavaki is looking for a group of companions to join in an attempt to still seek his fame and fortune, as well as potentially helping him with his goal of bringing down Trading House Ianto.


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